Chlorella & Spirulina

Chlorella & Spirulina
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Chlorella & Spirulina May Help:

  • Supports natural balance and repair in the body.
  • Contains all nine essential amino acids.
  • High plant-based protein content.
  • Up to 25 times more beta-carotene than carrots and 58 times more iron than spinach.
  • Currently being studied for potential metal-binding properties, with detox benefits.
  • May naturally strengthen immunity.
  • No fillers, coatings, or preservatives.

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As we say so often here “Green is the colour of good health.” Chlorella and spirulina are the plant-based “green foods” needed to fuel the human body since they are teeming with essential nutrients. Compared to all other colours of food, ranging from red to yellow to orange to brown, green foods are known to be the most nutrient-dense.

Chlorella and spirulina have been called superfoods, and for good reason. Both green algaes, chlorella and spirulina provide an exceptional nutrient profile with remarkable health benefits. Chlorella is currently being studied for its potential metal-binding properties that may deeply detoxify the body. Chlorella is also an excellent source of chlorophyll, which may provide natural immune-boosting properties.

In the scientific community, spirulina is known as a nutrient-heavy cyanobacteria (or blue-green algae), made up of 60 percent protein per serving. Spirulina is especially beneficial to vegetarians and vegans on a plant-based diet. Like chlorella, spirulina shows promise in its powerful ability to detoxify, with possible application to cleanse the body of toxins and toxic heavy metals. Spirulina also has reported benefits to protect muscles from damage during strenuous exercise, strengthen immunity, and even potentially reduce the risk of food allergies.

Spirulina contains 25 times more beta-carotene than carrots and 58 times more iron than spinach in each serving. Spirulina’s mineral content -- especially as a source of iron -- is highly bioavailable in the human body. Chlorella and spirulina combined supply the body with potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, biotin, amino acids, B-complex vitamins, manganese, vitamin E, selenium, zinc, copper, beta-carotene, iron, and more.

Fresh chlorella and spirulina are available in their natural algae forms, but these powerhouse green foods may be much more beneficial when taken in a tablet at a high dose. Each protective tablet -- made without fillers, coatings, or preservatives -- is designed to deliver a concentrated dose of highly nutritious algae.

Chlorella and spirulina are two of the healthiest green foods you will find in Mother Nature’s garden. When taken as a tablet, these clean, green superfoods work as a powerful team to restore and protect. When combined with a healthy lifestyle, a daily dose of “green” could have the power to transform your health.

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  1. Ashley Gibbs:
    Jul 21, 2016 at 08:26 PM

    Is the chlorella cracked cell, otherwise it is difficult to absorb in the human body.

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